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It's a fact that many student prospects fail to understand the courses or services you're offering, don't have the budget or decide to go for a competitor's product. The key to success is to recognize when a deal is predestined to fail so that you can spend your efforts on more promising leads...

1Enrol Helps You Keep Track of Your Student Prospects And Increase Your Student Conversion Rates

It’s a fact that many student prospects either fail to understand your services, don’t have the budget to purchase or go for a competitor’s product. And even the best counselors will lose deals sometimes. The key to success is to recognize, as early as possible, when a deal is predestined to fail so that you can spend your efforts on promising deals.

There are numerous factors that could impact an international student deciding to enroll in your course program or not. Some are easy to foresee and others not.

1Enrol helps education agents and schools access real-time leads information to fast-track applications and help you manage the progress of leads and enrollments allowing you to review future business opportunities daily. Based on Ray Smith,

there are 4 potential categories of lost sales and here are 4 recommendations on how to save them, or to help you learn when to cut them lose before they waste too much of your team’s time.

The Diver is essentially the type of prospect that starts really well, is engaged, qualifies, everything seems to be going great and suddenly the prospect goes dark, stops responding and eventually hits rock bottom – the sale opportunity is lost and with it a lot of wasted time and hours.

The Solution: with 1Enrol, you can identify potential Divers before they completely die, making it a great opportunity for sales teams to recover lost revenue. 1Enrol helps you create a consistent sales process, in which every team member understands their role and helps delegate and manage prospect actions faster, easier and efficiently.

The Roller Coaster is the type of prospect that is only reached out by your counselor team every end of the month, quarter or when your team is under pressure to deliver updates. As a result, there is no smooth communication flow and the prospect tends to lose interest and disengage.

The Solution: often the prospect has not been turned off by the lack of engagement and in general these are easier lost sales to rescue if identified in time. 1Enrol offers a platform that allows you to schedule and set prospect actions for your team, as well as visualize on a daily basis, which actions have been followed up and your total conversion rate. This tool helps you understand which counselors are underperforming and help you create the necessary tweaks to your sales process to deliver an excellent service experience.

The Engaged-but-loss that has all the potential for a sale but still falls through.

The Solution: A closed lost deal doesn’t necessary mean that the prospect is lost forever. In case the prospect decided to take the offer of your competitor, with 1Enrol you can schedule a follow-up in a year so that you’re in conversation during visa renewal negotiations, new courses and prices, and more. It’s also possible that the prospect simply decided not to purchase at that particular time, so you can set up a follow-up four months later. 1Enrol will also help you understand if your sales process is in sync with your prospects’ buying process and help you quickly realign it to avoid missed opportunities in the future.

The Dead-On-Arrival is the type of prospect that doesn’t qualify and is simply bad data that create a massive drag on your team during its lifetime in your system.

The Solution: 1Enrol helps you clean out bad data in a fast and efficient way and helps you set up and manage high standards for data management, quicker and effectively helping you save time and your team's efforts.

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